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A new dimension to traditional printed media

Why Print To Screen?

Rather than choosing between print and digital marketing, companies are thinking of innovative ways to merge print and digital together for a more powerful marketing plan.

Our technology enable the use of a printed page to deliver digital media on the same page!

- Increase conversions and engagement up to 10x

- Close the gap between off and online

- Drive traffic to further online content and increase marketing ROI performance

- Boost your performance with advanced analytics

No App needed

  • Display a video
  • Play a voice over or audio
  • Obtain an email address
  • Invitie people to social media 
  • Invitie people to an event
  • Offer a discount code

Bridge the gap between Print and Digital

Scan a photo and get immediate access to relevant online materials, videos, and even buttons to make a purchase.

Powerful analytics to clearly see user engagement with the digital and print media.

Meet accessibility requirements. Have the digital overlay speak the words you have printed or implement a brand new voice description.

Digital vs Print - Why not both from the same printed page?

Our technology recognises your printed material/photos and overlays DIGITAL interactive content

Point your mobile device at your printed pages and see them magically come to life with Video, Audio, and clickable links

Hugely Increase ROI by using normal print as a "magical springboard" to deliver amazing interactive multimedia and allow viewers to directly contact you with one simple click!

We detect images as markers in order to trigger specific content. No App needed


Is this cost effective?

Yes, the technology is very affordable, similar to normal print costs

Do you have templates?

Yes, the process is very simple. As with printed materials you choose the size of the advertisement. One third page, one half page and full page. Each size allows various interactions and media to be displayed over the printed page.

What sort of things can we have over overlaid on our printed page?

 At its simplest you are able to augment a button over the page to allow your viewers to go directly to your website. This removes the main barrier of the printed page, the need to manually type in a web address to "connect".

Your imagination is the limit, Video content, Hyperlinks, Digital buttons, 360 media, 3D Models, Image gallery, clickable titles etc. You can think of this technology as a true marriage of print and digital.

Do we need to send you anything?

The photo or image you will have on the printed page that will act as a trigger. From this image we create a bespoke branded colour QR code. This can be placed anywhere on the printed page The viewer scans the code and points the device at the trigger image and the page magically comes to life. Thats It. No App needed!

What happens if we need to make changes AFTER the material has been printed and distributed?

This is the beauty of an augmented page. The printed page underneath cannot be changed but we CAN change the material overlaid on that page at any time. The simplest examples would be if you need to redirect the viewer to a different location via a link on the augmented page or change some words or replace a video. Easy to implement!

Does the viewer or my team need to be technical?

Not at all. No App download needed. All anyone needs to know is how to scan with their mobile devices. It works on all mobile devices and any device with a camera! It is very intuative and simple.

Can you create bespoke campaigns?

Yes we can. Obviously "off the shelf" products will be the most cost effective, but we do supply larger more tailored services.

Do I pay per scan of our material per viewer?

No. Our technology allows for as many users as you like to view your overlaid digital media.

Where are you based?

We are based in London. We are happy to come and demonstrate this magical technology, wherever you are in the country. We are condident you will also agree this is the future of Print and digital.

Do you print the physical magazine?

No, we liaise with the design team who will be working on the print version of the magazine. Once the "digital overlay page" has been decided, we send them the code to incorporate anywhere on the printed page that the "trigger" image exists.


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